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5 Things You Should Avoid After Dental Implant Surgery

November 23, 2021

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Once you’ve undergone dental implant surgery, you can expect to enjoy a fully restored smile for a long time! One of the main parts of the process is the recovery, as this is where you can ensure the metal posts remain stable and healthy. For this reason, here are several things you should avoid doing after your procedure to increase the success of your implants!

#1: Smoking Tobacco

To bond effectively to your jawbone, your dental implants will rely on osseointegration. However, this can be negatively affected by smoking or chewing tobacco, which impedes the mouth’s healing process. Since this is essential for successful metal-to-bone fusion, it’s best to avoid or quit smoking after your surgery.

#2: Rinsing Excessively

While it may be tempting to rinse your mouth often after your procedure, it’s actually recommended that you don’t do this. Excessive rinsing can unsettle the implant site and possibly cause damage. Instead, you should gently swish mouthwash back and forth, and then let it flow out of your mouth over the sink.

#3: Exercising Intensely

Performing extreme physical activities will increase your blood flow, which can then affect your dental implant area. To avoid injury or impacting the site, you should keep from strenuous exercise to allow yourself the proper recovery time.

#4: Eating Hot or Hard Foods

Your teeth and gums will likely be sensitive following your surgery, so eating a soft food diet will be better to maintain your healing progress. Though you may enjoy hot or spicy meals, they can actually interfere with the bonding. Additionally, be sure to chew on the opposite side of the implant site as to not disturb the area.

#5: Drinking with a Straw

Though it may seem that using a straw for drinking can help liquids pass by the implant site, the suction motion can still cause problems. With enough pressure from your cheeks and mouth, you might accidentally dislodge the blood clot around your metal post. This can cause discomfort as well as dry socket.

By avoiding these few things, you stand a better chance of a successful recovery for your dental implants. Once you receive your permanent restoration, you’ll enjoy the function and benefits of your complete smile again!

About the Author

Dr. Steven H. Feit is passionate about delivering excellent, modern, and comprehensive dental care for his patients. He regularly seeks continuing education to stay on top of the latest advancements in dentistry. By constantly improving his techniques and equipment, he can offer a wide variety of dental treatments, including dental implants. If you want to know more after-care tips for dental implant surgery, feel free to visit his website or call 561-338-7535.

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